About Us

April of 1976, after the closing of the Grants Department store, Bob Kaessinger opened The Curtain Shop on Main St in NewThe Curtain Shop New Rochelle New Yorl Rochelle, NY.  Bob quickly built the business up by offering Quality products, excellent Service, and a very good Selection.  Over the next few years, the customer base grew and so did the  number of product lines.
Fast forward about 13 years later and Louis Vaccaro (yours truly) joined Bob's team as stock boy.  The business continued to expand and grow in all sorts of directions as the world changed but the Quality, Service, and Selection at The Curtain Shop continued to be at the top of everyone's list.

In 2006, we decided to create a website for The Curtain Shop and offer a few curtains from the store selections to see how things would go.  CurtainShop.com was born and The Curtain Shop was now serving the entire United States a healthy dose of all the things that made the retail store so successful.

The Curtain Shop and CurtainShop.com continues on with the help of a dedicated and friendly staff.
You might wonder how an independently owned store can compete in such a competitive market place with huge box stores and internet retailers...  The answer is really simple, Bob's original concept still works well : "Quality, Service and Selection" never go out of style.

We also have some great advantages.  A half hour train ride into New York City brings us to all of our suppliers.  We know all of them by name and we are able to visit them at least 4 times a year for buying trips.  In between our visits to them, they come see us.  We know about all the new trends and styles faster than anyone else.  Many of these relationships were established with a handshake back in 1976.
Another advantage is that because we are not just an on-line business, our store is filled with products that we can test and get feedback from our customers.  This lets us know what trends are and we get first hand feedback before ever showing it to the rest of the world online.


You can visit us at our 541 Main Street location during regular business ours.

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